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Jeff Boyer - fun with energy

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The science of energy is as fun as it gets! Jeff Boyer shows kids that energy is what makes our world work, through carefully laid out activities illustrating the laws and forces which govern the world around us. Jeff takes audiences on an exciting energy filled ride they’ll always remember. He brings kids right up on stage for interactive demonstrations that entertain and amaze!


Kindergarten through sixth grade in two formats (One for K-2 and one for 3-6)

Show Posters

Fun with Energy poster

Fun with Energy poster

Jeff Boyer mad scientist poster

Jeff Boyer mad scientist poster


Kids learn about sound, light, solar power, electric and kinetic energies, with materials ranging from everyday objects like baseballs and breakfast cereal to radiometers and even a Van de Graaf generator! View Study Guide and Follow Up (PDF).


“I thought the show was great. Jeff really knows how to communicate with the students. He made learning the concepts fun. Thanks for coming to our school.”

Steve Schwartz
Fishkill Plains Elementary
Fishkill, NY

“I thought the show was fantastic! My students could not stop talking about how cool they thought all of the experiments were. It was helpful for me because I always find energy difficult to teach in a fun and interactive manner. Not only did my students think it was “cool”, but when I gave them the follow-up quiz they retained a lot of info.”

Pilar Otto
Chambers Elementary
Kingston, NY

“I thought Jeff’s program was excellent! The kids were engrossed in the presentation and loved the hands-on demonstrations. I am definitely in favor of having Jeff return to the school in the future.”

Theresa Augustine
Zena Elementary School
Woodstock, NY

“Great program! Lots of fun, light-hearted and yet loaded With information – an elusive combination that you effortlessly pulled off. Everyone had a good time – kids and parents. A lot of the dads came to me afterwards to say what a good program it was – also a tough crowd in the children’s programming business! Keep up the really good work – it is important work too.”

Sarah Wilcox
The Friends of the Cooperstown Village Library

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