Jeff Boyer is a proven crowd pleasing performer engaging, amusing and educating audiences for over 23 years.

Jeff’s highly accessible shows appeal to a diversity of cultures and all ages. His sensory friendly performances and workshops serve as an entry point for people who previously felt excluded from the world of theater. Jeff brings universal accessibility to the theatre world and encourages members of local communities to feel deep levels of interconnection and wholeness.

Expanding audience participatory theater and reviving the lost art of the variety show are Jeff’s passions. Co-creating with audience members theater that appeals to all generations and that gives families opportunities to build shared memories and deeper more enduring community connectedness.

Jeff makes a career out of proving that theater arts offer amazing inclusive opportunities for learning, growing and joy. Introducing audiences to art that thoroughly entertains, expands, and is inclusive has been the main focus of Jeff’s body of work. Jeff wows audiences internationally with bubbles, science, and comedy.

The evolution of this unique inclusiveness and interactive art separates Jeff’s performances from other bubble shows, thrills audiences and builds lasting community among performing arts center’s patrons.