Jeff Boyer’s Science of Magic Study Guide

Study Guide: The Science of Magic

1. How do animals and plants change color? By changing the chemistry of their skin or outer layer of tissue.

2. Can you name some organisms that change color? Certain lizards, snowshoe hares, weasels, etc.

3. Why are some things one color while others are another? When we “see” something, what we see is reflected light. “White light” or sunlight is actually made up of all the colors of the rainbow. When light hits an object some of that light is absorbed by the object and some of it is reflected. When we “see” something, what we’re really seeing is the light that is reflected by that object. Some materials reflect certain colors while others reflect other colors.

4. What is electricity? Electricity is the flow of electrons. (Tiny particles that are in and on everything) Electricity is one form of energy.

5. How does electricity flow? a) Through matter. b) Over the surface of matter.

6. Heat makes things a) contract b) expand c) has no effect on size

7. In what direction does air press on us? Air presses on us from all directions.

8. Bernoulli’s principle states that compared to still air, moving air has a) more air pressure b) less air pressure c) the same air pressure.